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The Voice Of God?
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Welcome to Charles Morris Ministries
Dedicated to those who wish to have a deeper and more victorious walk in their journey with our Lord Jesus Christ

A warm welcome to you! Thank you for stopping by. As you read through my pages, I believe you will find that I am just like you in many ways, I am a man who loves the Lord and cherishes the goodness of His grace. And, like many of you, I sometimes grow weary from the long journey that our Lord has laid out before me. I have experienced many joys, victories, and God’s mountain top presence, and I have experienced many difficult valleys of the shadow of death places in my life.

There have been times when I thought I was walking on a cloud and other times when I thought I just couldn’t go on any longer.

“But, God.”

Don’t you just love that statement? “But God” carried me through and opened my eyes to see Him in the midst of the fiery furnace. “But God” taught me to hear His voice and opened my ears to hear His sweet whispers of love.

Take hope in the knowledge that you are cherished by the One who made you and you are sheltered in the shadow of His wing, and dwell close to His heart. It is my hope that we learn to walk with the Lord unshackled by the unscriptural bias’ of modern organized religion. 

All true followers of our Lord Jesus Christ know in their heart that there has to be more to the Christian life, more about the abundant life in Christ, more about the reality of the Scriptures, and certainly more about Christian communion and fellowship than what’s popular and accepted as the norm today.

Most Christians are unaware that it takes Christ to live a Christian life and that there is a victorious “deeper journey” that transcends the modern-day Christian examples lived out before us.

My ministry and books are designed for those who feel in their hearts that there’s got to be more to being a Spirit-filled victorious Christian than what many proclaim. God has used my written and spoken ministry to clear a path to a “deeper Spirit-filled journey” with our Lord Jesus Christ where we can hear God’s voice and follow Him where He leads with intentionality.

Charles W. Morris
Charles was born in Craigsville, Virginia, a small town nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He left home in 1972 for the U. S. Air Force where he served for 14 years. He was radically saved in 1974 after a period of alcohol and drug abuse. Charles immediately felt a call from God to preach and entered a ministry that covered a span of over 47 years. in 2018, He retired from the full-time pastorate and entered the role as a full-time author and has published over 20 books.
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