So, You Want To Hear The Voice Of God?
About the Author


Charles is passionate about the manifested presence of God. He desires to see the Father’s true Biblical leadership of Ehp.4:11 taking their position of grace and authority and working towards seeing true Biblical unity in the Spirit and in the unity of the faith within the body of Christ.

In October 2019, Pastor Charles asked folks on a social media platform to perform a task. He wanted to develop a brand for promoting and marketing his books. To complete this task, he needed to know how others perceived him and the ministry he had been doing for over 40 years. Therefore, he asked anyone on social media who really knew him to send 1 to 5 adjectives that best described his character personality, “that which makes Charles, who he is,” from their perspective.

He was overwhelmed and humbled by the influx of words given. Simple words like “thank you” don’t express how deeply moved he felt, but it is all he has to show how grateful he was over their kindness. He gave a big thank you and sent his love to those who graciously responded. Now, after having compiled the comments from the request, Pastor Charles has formed a statement that has branded him and his lifetime ministry.

Pastor Charles is a seriously intense teacher of the Word of God. He is excitable, emotional, and spiritual. Pastor Charles is a man filled with the Holy Spirit and is tenacious in his approach to the Word of God. He teaches each lesson like it is his last day on earth. His love for the Lord is undeniable, and he is a devoted student of God’s Word. Pastor Charles’ drive to communicate the truth of God’s Word is unstoppable. He demonstrates studious habits that are vigilant and tenacious. With those around him, he displays love, grace, and friendship. Pastor Charles is a musician and a true worshipper. He knows how to have fun without compromising his Godly convictions. Pastor Charles is passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ and is compassionate for those who are lost. He is knowledgeable and has proven this by his published books, the gift of being a recognized author. As a man of trust, truth, and integrity, he has been a mentor to hundreds as he raises spiritual leaders to take their rightful place in ministry. His outgoing personality encourages many to see him like a dad. Pastor Charles is always ready to give hope to the hopeful.

He founded Raising the Standard International (RSI), a ministry to assist pastors, spiritual leaders, and the body of Christ to pursue spiritual maturity and walking in their spiritual authority. Charles is known for his uncompromising approach to God’s Word without denominational or religious bias and has the unique ability to use word pictures to paint the truth of God’s Word. His message although uncompromising in nature instills the virtues of honor and respect for one another as believers whether they are in a position of authority over you, in a position of being your peer, or have been entrusted to your shepherding and care.

Charles’ key message for the believer is one of dying daily to self, embracing the beauty in personal brokenness, and to remember that it takes Christ in us and through us to live a Christian life.