So, You Want To Hear The Voice Of God?
Born Again

Born Again

Do you believe you are a sinner?

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and God?

Do you believe there a judgment of hell for all who reject God’s gift of salvation?

How can I be sure I’m a Christian?

How do I know that I am born again?

What is the evidence of being a Christian?

How do I develop a personal relationship with God?

I may sincerely think that I am a believer, but what if I’m not? Jesus himself said that some would do seemingly “Christian” things in his name, but Jesus proclaims that they do not know Him, and He does not know them.

In this book, BORN AGAIN, Charles cuts through the confusion and explains what it means to be a Christian. The new birth is essential for salvation. This book is the ultimate “Am I A Christian Quiz or Test.”

What about soul-winning?

What was Christ’s strategy for evangelism?

Maybe like me, you have been questioning evangelism methods used by many today. This book is an excellent tool for learning the master plan of evangelism. Conversational evangelism brings witnessing down to asking three questions.

“Born Again” gives Bible verses showing how to pray for salvation. However, salvation is more than a “pray the prayer,” because we must pray the prayer of faith.

This book will show you the elements that make up a testimony and guide you through the process of writing your personal testimony and share it in a matter of minutes.

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