So, You Want To Hear The Voice Of God?

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My goal is to see the body of Christ to grow to maturity. One of the struggles I have faced in over 40 years of ministry is finding so many believers who are emotionally tied to man-made doctrines or belief systems, which they place over the truth of God’s Word.

They would argue that their beliefs are Biblically based, but are unable to verify them using the Scriptures. I seek to get believers to dare to be challenged to examine their faith using nothing but the Word of God. This means that they cannot establish or maintain doctrinal beliefs based on experiences or lack of experiences, denominational biases, or half-truths passed on from friends or family.

I would love to hear from you about your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ, or maybe how one of my books, Bible studies, or blog posts helped you or spoke to you in your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe you have a certain topic or question you would like for me to address in a blog post, Bible study, or maybe a book subject. Please share that with me, as many have done so already.

Be confident that your email address will not be used or shared in any way when you contact this ministry. May the grace of our Lord keep you and may your walk with Jesus be steadfast and faithful.