So, You Want To Hear The Voice Of God?


Persecution Is Coming.

It is not a matter of “if” it will come upon us, but a question of “when” it will happen. Furthermore, when it happens, will we remain faithful to God, to our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Christian friends, even if the trials and persecution are unto death.

We, as believers, face difficulties every day in the form of trials, tribulations, sorrows, and disappointments. With each problem we meet, there is a test of our faith. The Bible states that because sin is increasing, the hearts of many will grow cold. God is looking for the faithful one who will stand in his place as a warrior of valor and be a righteous witness.

In the face of persecution, apostasy, falling away, and faithlessness, what were the disciples to do?

What are we to do? Our Lord Jesus Christ is hours away from going to the cross, and He is giving His final teaching to the disciples. In this verse by verse Commentary of John 16, we see that our Lord’s teaching to the disciples is as much needed today as it was 2,000 years ago.

In this book, we will look at the apostasy in the church, and hopefully answer some hard questions such as,

Will we remain in faith when persecution comes?

Will we face our men’s and women’s issues and be the spiritual leaders that our homes, our jobs, our churches, and our nation needs?

Have we committed apostasy? What is apostasy in Christianity? What is apostasy in the church?

What is the great apostasy or the great falling away from God in the last days?

This book will help us discover a deeper relationship with God, as we awaken to righteousness and realize that we are armed with the righteousness of Christ. All of this, we do by faith, realizing that Christ is our righteousness. This deeper walk is a relationship that will enable us to weather the storms of life and stand firm when the attacks against our faith come. Having done all else, we will stand in valor as a righteous gathering before our King. 

The temptation for us to quit the Christian faith will wage against us as the battle heats up on all sides. As Godly men and women seek to stand as spiritual leaders and disciples in the ministry, their Christian living will face trials and tribulations, tempting them to fall back from the faith.

Our Lord told the disciples He must leave, and before going, He would give them a tremendous promise. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would come from the Father after He left.

As we experience spiritual growth and know how to do spiritual warfare in faith, may we, having done all else, stand and be declared FAITHFUL!

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