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The 10 Characteristics of a Spirit-Filled Church

The 10 Characteristics of a Spirit-Filled Church

The 10 Characteristics of a Spirit-Filled Church, Book 1 of The Spirit-Filled Life Bible Study Series.

What is the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit both in our personal lives and in the church?

What does it mean to be Spirit-filled?

What is a Spirit-filled church, and how do I find a Spirit-filled church near me?

What is a Spirit-filled Christian, and what does living a Spirit-filled life look like?

What are Spirit-filled preachers? What are Spirit-filled prayers?

What are Spirit-filled Bible studies? What is a Spirit-filled church fellowship?

Charles reveals to us in his book the characteristics of the first-century church that should be the norm in our churches today. We need to practice these Spirit-Filled traits with our children, our teens, our young adults, and our adults if we want true Biblical revival in our church.

Revival starts here in these ten characteristics taken from Acts 2 with the beginning of the first church. This writing is genuinely a great Revival Bible study book that you will find inspirational.

This book will ask if your church is…

An Apostolic church,   A Word church,   A fellowshipping church,   A giving church,   A communing church,

A praying church,   A supernatural church,   A joyful church,   An evangelistic church,   A praising church, and

A worshipping church. If not, there is a good chance your church is more religious than Spirit-filled.

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