So, You Want To Hear The Voice Of God?
The Five Witnesses of Salvation

“The Five Witnesses of Salvation”

Do you ever wonder about the evidence of your salvation or the salvation of a friend?

Have you ever wondered if people can truly know that they know if they are saved? Is it possible to know for sure if a person is born again?

Do you wonder, does the grace of God allow me or other believers to live any way we want without boundaries or responsibilities?

True salvation has to be bigger than “pray this prayer” and a verbal confession. This book offers Biblical hard evidence that can give you the calm assurance that you are truly saved.

If we are to know professing Christians by their fruit as our Lord Jesus Christ told us, then there must be a measuring tool that allows us to examine our faith and the faith of others who confess Christ as Savior. Well, bless God, there is, and it is laid out completely within the pages of “The Five Witnesses of Salvation.

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